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Human resource management is basically the managerial approach to the efficient and successful management of individuals in a particular organization or firm so that they contribute to an employer’s overall strategic goals. It is basically designed to maximise employee performance in support of an employers’ strategic goals. Human resource management involves recruiting, managing and keeping track of the individuals recruited for the organisation, identifying their strengths and skills and developing them into an effective team. Recruitment of the right candidates for a specific role plays a crucial role in the success or failure of the employer. The HR manager therefore plays an important role in the overall efficiency of the organization.

HR professionals are involved in all areas of human resources from hiring and orientation to exit and compensation. They ensure that the employees hired are of the aptitude, skill and talent level required for the position. They ensure that all the requirements of the job are fulfilled and provide guidance as per the specific rules of the organization. There are a wide range of areas where the human resource professionals are involved in such as recruitment, selection and training, placement, benefits and compensations, retirement and exit planning and much more. HR professionals not only have to ensure that the individuals hired are of the aptitude, but also possess the necessary qualities such as professionalism, integrity, motivation and the right attitude.

Many people aspire to be an HR manager one day. Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Human Resources may seem to be the best choice because they are familiar with a variety of academic subjects and have a strong command over the English language. However, there are certain limitations inherent in every individual who seeks to pursue a career as an HR manager. It must be understood that in order to succeed in this position, one must possess certain skills which are not common to most individuals.

The first and foremost skill that an HR professional possesses is interpersonal communication, which involves effective communication and management skills in relation to both employees and employers. A successful HR manager has the ability to relate to both the employees and the employers. This ensures that the employees and the employers are satisfied with the entire process. It also enables the employees to maintain high levels of productivity and team orientation and provides the employees with the necessary training, information and support they need to enhance their performance levels and succeed in the organization.

Another important skill required in human resource management (HRM) is planning. Every organization cannot function without processes and procedures. It is imperative for an HRM professional to set up and maintain a system for assessing and managing the different aspects of the organization. A successful HRM manager plans for the future by identifying the roles of each employee, identifying the responsibilities of the organization, planning and organizing the work process and developing policies and procedures to ensure that the organization is able to meet its objectives in the most efficient manner. Therefore, a person with an HRM degree would be an asset for any organization.

HRM professionals, who are hired as administrative staff to increase the organizational performance of the company, play an important role in the recruitment and training of the best talent available in the market. An administrative staff plays an integral role in recruiting, developing, promoting, retaining and training the best human resource professionals in the organization. In addition, a good HRM manager also maintains regular contact with the employees so that feedback and suggestions regarding their performance and needs are given immediate attention.

On the other hand, to become a human resources manager you can opt for a bachelor’s degree. There are a number of professional degree programs available in most colleges and universities. The Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management program is considered a good degree, even an AA degree may not be enough. To enroll for the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management program one must have strong abilities in interpersonal communications, academic writing, administration, teamwork, decision making and time management. Besides these you will need to have strong mathematical skills as well.

The main aim of a human resources manager is to promote and protect the interests of the organization. Their duties include screening job candidates, organizing the workplace environment, training and developing the employees, implementing policies, maintaining communication with other employees, managing salary structures, and supervising the quality of output and efficiency of employees. Their role is very important and they should be energetic and enthusiastic in their job. A career as a human resources manager will always give you job satisfaction.

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